Vinyl Decals - 'Clouds'

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Vinyl Decals - 'Clouds'
Transform the kids' space in an instant! Add some fun and style to the nursery with these cute 'Clouds' vinyl decals! These dreamy clouds add a soothing feel to your child's sleep space. The easy-to-use stickers allow you to quickly decorate and instantly update a plain coloured wall! 

Each sheet of decals gives you enough adorable white clouds to comfortably transform one corner of the room, just perfect for over a cot or bed, and come in 4 different sizes. Why not use one to cover up a blemish and avoid a new coat of paint altogether?! The best thing is, as your child grows, or as your tastes change, you can remove them and choose a new design!

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Theme: Clouds
Material: Non-toxic Vinyl
Sticker Type: Adhesive base
Sizes: 4:14cm/ 4:7cm/ 4:5.2cm / 6:3.5cm


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