STA Metallic Marker Pens Set of 10

Sale price $14.95 USD Regular price $25.00 USD

This set of 10 metallic markers is the key to giving your designs the 'wow' factor.  Good enough for professional use, and safe enough for the kids, it also makes a fantastic gift.  

Use in conjunction with the STA Dual Headed Color Fineliner Set, and the STA Black Fineliner Set and you have yourself an artist's toolbox to rival the very best. All our STA products are known for their high quality and durability, are all non-toxic and machine washable. With their ergonomic slim design, they make drawing an absolute pleasure. 

Item Specifics:

  • Professional quality markers
  • 10 Assorted Metallic Colors 
  • Suitable for use on black white or colored paper


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