Portraits of 'Animal Friends' - Canvas Art Prints

Sale price $12.95 USD Regular price $294.49 USD

These portraits of our animal friends are set against a muted solid background, allowing them to easily fit into any nursery, bedroom, playroom, or den.

These prints come unframed so you can get creative with how they would best compliment your space. Framed, stretched or hung like a scroll, these prints will look fabulous displayed individually and really pop as a complete set.

Simply choose your print and the dimensions you would like to configure the perfect collection for your space.

Unless otherwise indicated, each print is sold separately and available in these sizes:

  • 13x18cm
  • 15x20cm
  • 20x25cm
  • 30x40cm
  • 40x50cm
  • 50x70cm
  • 60x80cm

Type: Canvas Print
Medium: Waterproof Ink
Frame: Unframed
Material: Canvas

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