Nyoni 12 piece Charcoal Pencil Set

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These Nyoni Charcoal Pencils provide premium quality drawing charcoal in a mess-free natural wood casing, making sketching with charcoal clean and controlled. Charcoal particles are mixed with drawing clays in varying amounts to create soft, medium or hard density gradients, whilst providing a velvety smooth application, easy to blend texture, with richly toned high-pigmented hues. 

Each pack has 12 pencils, and is available in soft, medium and hard gradients.  Each gradient set can be used in combination to wonderful effect, covering all your sketching needs. An essential addition to the artists' kit. 

Body Material: Wood

Charcoal colour: Black

Charcoal Gradients: Available in soft, medium or hard

Type: Charcoal Pastels

No. of Pencils per set: 12

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