Magical Music Box - Christmas Tree

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Introducing a Christmas-themed addition to our line of “Magical Music Boxes”.

Set to the beloved carol, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, this wooden music box is breathtaking in its beauty and simplicity. You will be captivated as the tiny Santa sleighs are pulled by reindeer around the Christmas tree - appearing to seamlessly float across the surface. The fluid movement may seem like magic, but the secret is in the magnetic clockwork inside the box! It’s activated by winding, so no batteries are required.

This collector’s item is crafted from beech wood, lightweight and durable. Designed with a modern aesthetic, colour is sparingly used as accents to allow the beautiful wood to shine.

Whether you buy it to add a festive touch to your own home or as a gift, this music box will be treasured forever. Choose from “Christmas Tree” (this page), “Snowflake” or “Christmas Train”.

Material: Beech Wood
Mechanism: Hand Cranked
Tone number: 18 notes
Music: "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
Theme: Christmas


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