'Magical' Music Boxes

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 *Please note the music on the video is for demonstration purposes only and is not the same as the tunes provided in the boxes. For a full list of the tunes played by each design, please refer to the below descriptions.

You will be mesmerised at first glance with these irresistible music boxes, and enchanted by their soothing sounds. Exquisitely set to beautiful, well-loved tunes, these hand-crafted wooden music boxes are breathtaking in their beauty and simplicity, with their carved figurines seamlessly floating across the surface of the wood as if my magic.

With so many wonderful designs to suit any occasion, these music boxes make the perfect gift to commemorate a birthday, special event, wedding, or birth of a newborn.  There is sure to be something to capture everyone's heart- a tiny train, a joyful ferris wheel, icons from around the world, a sailboat, a sweet little nursery, ballet dancers and many more!

Each box is finely crafted from natural beech wood, and shares a simple minimalistic design aesthetic, with little or no paint-work, to let the beautiful wood grain shine through.  This classic toy with a modern appeal is sure to delight young and old!

Each design plays:

  • 'Always With Me' (Spirited Away)' - Train / Nursery / Burj Al Arab Tower / Taj Mahal
  • 'Meet' - Colosseum of Rome / Twin Towers / Eiffel Tower
  • 'Pachelbel's Canon in D' - Arc de Triomphe / Leaning Tower of Pisa / Big Ben
  • 'Castle In The Sky (Laputa)' - See Saw / Ballerinas / Ferris Wheel / Carousel / London Phone Box / Chateau / Moscow Cathedral / Oriental Pearl Tower

Feeling festive? You can also check out our Collector's Edition Christmas themed Music Box here.

Mechanism: Hand Cranked

Material: Beech Wood

Dimensions: Average 16cm High x 11cm wide x 3cm base height 

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