'Inductive' Magic Vehicles

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‘Inductive’ is the latest and greatest toy on the scene! Kids are amazed by these vehicles that follow a pen line - as if by magic!

Simply draw a line on paper with the pen provided, or a black pen of similar width, and the induction powered toy will follow along using its inbuilt optical sensor! This toy will keep your kids busy for hours, whilst encouraging their drawing skills.

Combining educational value, fun, and creativity, this is a gift guaranteed to please! With many super-cute vehicles to choose from, there’s something for everyone- making them the perfect present for siblings to collect and share.

  • Product Description: Inductive Vehicle Toy and Pen
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Ages: 5+
  • Warning: Contains small parts, not recommended for children under 3
  • Batteries not Included

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