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Jiaou Female Art Figurine

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The incredible JIAOU Female Figurine is the latest must-have for the serious artist. Take your life drawing skills to the next level using this incredibly realistic miniature female figure as your model.  

This 12-inch life-like figurine can be shaped into infinite poses with it's multi-jointed steel skeleton; each limb has incredible range of motion, and the rubber outer-skin gives the figurine an amazingly real appearance.  

Each figurine comes with a range of expressive hands that can easily be interchanged, as well as a plastic stand and support tools to help keep your figurine stabilised. Now you can immediately sketch an endless number of dynamic poses- the only limit is your creativity!

The JIAOU Female Figurine is the perfect tool for art students, comic art, life-drawing and erotic art.

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  • Material: Rubber Outer-Skin on Steel frame, Plastic Stand
  • Height: 12 Inches

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